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After Covid The Industry Resets
Adapted text of opening video, 2023 Entertainment Bar Symposium, UCLA Law Ziffren Institute, first streamed May 31, 2023. Industry status and studies including:

--52% of domestic box was from the top ten movies, all sequels or franchise films.
--radical downturn in Q1 SVOD subscriptions corresponded in 28% reduction in original seasons aired in Q1 from Q4 ‘22, raising question of whether into vicious cycle of austerity, original reduction, churn, and subscriber reductions… and so on.
--five percentage point FED rate hike across $150b debt (as comes due) of major players could total $7.5b additional annual interest payments, translating to job risk of 50k jobs @$150k all in per employee.
--divergence of best picture and box office over last 20 years in 40 year study and relationship
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ChatGPT and the Death of Logan Roy. Creativity vs Regurgitation
Trained to 2021, the ChatGPT knows HBO's Succession, but doesn't know where Logan Roy died, so perfect chance to test how many iterations it would take to surface the bathroom in Roy's private plane. Short answer is that it couldn’t, and then, even worse, ChatGPT claimed credit for HBO's bathroom idea after I suggested it 15 iterations in.
ChatGPT and the Death of Logan Roy.pdf
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Speeches and Presentations

Streaming in a Time of War, Pestilence, & Inflation
Having devalued content to get subscribers, marketing and price-base from a return to wide theatrical release is now essential if SVOD companies (Netflix, HBO, Amazon, Paramount Plus, Disney Plus) expect to increase price. Text of opening video presentation for 2022 Entertainment Bar Symposium, Ziffren Institute, UCLA, including industry status report. Transmitted June 8, 2021.
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2020 to 2021: Apocalypse to Streaming Odyssey
Wolzien 2021 UCLA Ent Bar Video Text Pri[...]
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Media After Dystopia
Wolzien opening presentation for 2020 Entertainment Bar Symposium at UCLA Ziffren Center.
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Wolzien UCLA Entertainment Bar Mar 15 2019
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