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LATEST:  Streaming in a Time of War, Pestilence, & Inflation    Having devalued content to get subscribers, marketing and price-base from a return to wide theatrical release is now essential if SVOD companies expect to increse price. Text of opening video presentation for 2022 Entertainnent Bar Symposium, Ziffren Institute, UCLA.  Transmitted June 8, 2021. 


About Wolzien LLC

Since 2005, Wolzien LLC has helped major media organizations understand and adapt to the industry's strategic changes, while leading in change itself through invention, technology, and content development merging social and mass media. Clients have ranged from Discovery Communications to Warner Bros., Microsoft to the Directors Guild of America.


Our approach is a unique synthesis of  five decades in media operations, line management, corporate management, securities analysis, television news management, and intellectual property development.


Our most recent group of patents focus on the management of large numbers of high quality IP Video connections from smartphones and other consumer devices for creative use in streaming and linear video production, regardless of  distribution platform. 


Both Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product called AirFirst and production services using the AirFirst workflow are marketed through The Video Call Center, LLC.  Current VCC customers include major US news, entertainment, and sports networks and streaming platforms.  See details and clips at www.thevcc.tv.


VCC is backed by multiple patents across a dozen countries, including US 8,767,031, 9,654,731 &10,904,386, EU 63443445, and China ZL201380050976.3.       


Our inventions began in the late 1990s with "embedded triggers" -- the use of online addresses within video signals-- to permit viewers to go directly to a specific location on line while watching TV.  Click-to-buy or "more info" buttons on many TV remote controls remain the most obvious application of US Patent 5,761,606.  Ultimately Kudelski-Nagra acquired the patents and reached licensing agreements with Apple, Netflix and Disney, among others.


You can find bio material on the Background page, speeches and publications on the Speeches page.


Wolzien LLC is a New York entity formed in 2005 and  jointly owned by Valerie Wolzien and Tom Wolzien.  Wolzien LLC is sole owner of The Video Call Center, LLC, and Video River 
Group LLC. 


(About the Banner Photo:  Dusk or Dawn?  An analysis point.  If you know one thing, then sometimes other answers become clear.  In this case, if you know where you stand in the landscape, you can tell the time.  Which way are you looking? Check the Background page.)


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